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IFL Excalibur Type I
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IFL Excalibur

“Light, powerful & aesthetically pleasing”


The IFL Excalibur ISO fishing rod exemplifies the pinnacle of carbon technology in rod building. Through extensive field-testing, high tech carbon wrapping and research, the Excalibur is a rod of the highest quality for professional ISO anglers. Equipped with the latest parts from Japanese rod building accessory giant Fuji, the Excalibur features the prestigious Fuji Titanium IM guides that are tangle free and a Fuji Titanium reel seat to match. Experience how ISO fishing should be with the premium IFL Excalibur range.


Extensive field-testing was conducted to create an ISO rod to suit the fishing environment in Australia by the team at Isofishinglifestyle. The prototype was tested over several months to identify and correct flaws. Multiple changes were made before it was finalised to ensure sensitivity, balance and power. The Excalibur range was designed specifically for Australian waters but is suitable for use in international locations.

Type 0

The ultimate ISO fishing for angler seeking a challenge. Weighing in at only 170g the Type 0 is a rod to push anglers to the limit. Built with precision to provide the best possible feedback to fisherman whereby finesse is the important. The tip is sensitive enough to pick up the lightest taps whilst holding the signature backbone strength towards the bottom 1/3 of the rod. Can be fished as low as 2lb line for those daring too. Perfect for chasing fish such as bream, silver trevally, luderick, whiting and zebra fish. The Type 0 is considered to be between a #0.4 and #0.8 in ISO rod ratings depending on the brand and model.

Type I

The Type I is a lighter, more versatile model suited, but not limited to species including bream, silver trevally, luderick, black drummer, surgeon fish and whiting. The Type I enables anglers to feel the softest of bites with its sensitive tip due to the high grade carbon which provides accurate and instant feedback. Sensitivity is the key feature of this model with the first two sections having a slower taper than the rest of the rod which responds with progressive backbone strength to catch larger fish such as black drummer, bonito, salmon and kingfish. Whether you are fishing in the harbour for bream or rock hopping for black drummer the Excalibur will provide maximum sport on light tackle. Weighing only 200 grams and equipped with a superb balance system the Type I can be used for hours with ease. The Type I is considered to be between a #1 and #1.5 in ISO rod ratings depending on the brand and model.

Type II

Welcome the big brother in the Excalibur range, the Type II. For those targeting kingfish, larger black drummer, silver drummer, snapper, surgeonfish and medium sized groper, this is the rod for you. With more grunt in the backbone, the Type II will give you that extra stopping power for powerful fish. Also featuring the same balancing system as the Type I, the Type II feels light in your hands and is easily maneuverable. A tip diameter of only 0.9mm is in line with the goal of the Isofishinglifestyle team to deliver a sensitive ISO rod that allows an angler to feel every bite. The Type II is considered to be between a #2 and #2.5 depending on the brand and model.


Fuji Titanium IM Guides

- Titanium frame Fuji guides with SIC inserts for lightness and durability. The IM series guides also provide a tangle free feature due to the shape of the guide.

Fuji Titanium reel seat

- Titanium reel seat for maximum strength and minimum weight.

WRB – Water resistant binds

- Water resistant binds to prevent lines sticking to the rod when fishing.

Battle grip

- A rubber battle grip to assist in maneuvering larger fish whilst also preventing slipping when fighting fish.

Guide lines

- Assists in lining up guides straight when extending the ISO rod.

배송비 : 기본배송료는2,500 입니다. (도서,산간,오지 일부지역은 배송비가 추가될 수 있습니다)
3개 이상 주문시 배송료는 무료입니다.(본사부담)
본 상품의 평균 배송일은 2일입니다.(입금 확인 후) 설치 상품의 경우 다소 늦어질수 있습니다.[배송예정일은 주문시점(주문순서)에 따른 유동성이 발생하므로 평균 배송일과는 차이가 발생할 수 있습니다.]
본 상품의 배송 가능일은 1일 입니다. 배송 가능일이란 본 상품을 주문 하신 고객님들께 상품 배송이 가능한 기간을 의미합니다. (단, 연휴 및 공휴일은 기간 계산시 제외하며 현금 주문일 경우 입금일 기준 입니다.)
상품 청약철회 가능기간은 상품 수령일로 부터 7일 이내 입니다.
상품 택(tag)제거 또는 개봉으로 상품 가치 훼손 시에는 일 이내라도 교환 및 반품이 불가능합니다.
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