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IFL Excalibur Type III (Rambo)
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IFL Excalibur Type III 

So as many of you know Gabriel and I (as well as a few other members) have been field testing a few different Type 3 prototype models. We first discovered the need for such an ISO rod for very a specific style of ISO fishing. Between regular ISO fishing and Big Game ISO Fishing. The #3~3.5 range was needed for targeting Big Drummer and medium~large Groper in extremely rough terrain matched with trace strengths of between #6 (25lb)~#10 (40lb).

There are some locations where you are able to allow the fish to run especially locations around the Central Coast and Newcastle area where the water is much deeper and friendlier terrain which a #1.7~#2.5 ISO rod will suffice but for shallow water, snaggy rough terrain locations where the only way to pull the fish is by locking up and pumping the fish in, the Excalibur Type 3 is the ideal weapon to tackle dirty fighting fish where simply just keeping the ISO rod up and holding off isn't good enough.

After field testing the Type 3, we landed some nice fish and also busted off on a few as well which has given us some good feedback and what improvements were needed to be made to produce the final model which will be released soon. In the end the final version will be a tad bit softer than the current prototype as we have discovered the rod was at times too powerful for #6 trace and busting off when taken to the maximum load but the final version will be only a tad bit softer to compensate for that.

During the field testing, I have poled up Drummer up to 54cm using the Type 3 but would only recommend doing this for Drummer up to 45cm as the smallest error in technique can end up with a broken tip but as always whenever possible it is better to use the ISO net to avoid the hook pulling or trace busting as it could be damaged from the fight.

The Excalibur Type 3 has been nicknamed 'Rambo' as it was designed specifically for that purpose. Even when locked up with 50cm+ Drummer. you can land the fish quite comfortably without the rod buckling over which is normally what happens when hooked up to big Drummer on lighter ISO rods. Once the ISO rod buckles over it, becomes very easy for the fish to dictate the fight as it is easier for the fish to pull the rod down when it is already below 90 degrees due to the rod position utilizing less of the back bone/butt section.

On the most recent session, I have pulled up Brown Groper of up to 60cm very comfortably locked up on #7 (30lb) trace very easily. Personally #7 is my favourite trace to use on the rod as it is a good balance for rods action/power when loaded up but will handle up to #10 (40lb) trace for those rough terrain spots when you need to pump the fish out of shallow water or for large Groper on ISO.

Do no be afraid to break this rod when fighting the fish as the rod was designed with the purpose of going rambo (hence the nickname) and pushing it to the maximum load but also like with all of the Excalibur range there will be always spare parts available which means instant and cheap repairs.

The Excalibur Type 3 will be in the category of the Shimano Remare VI (3.5) and the Basis ISO BG #4. Designed for similar purposes and quality without hurting the wallet too much and also with the peace of mind you will not have to go through all the expensive international shipping and time consuming process of getting a section repaired if you do happen to break the rod as sections for a Japanese ISO rod usually cost around $250.

We currently do not have any photos yet but the design will follow the signature Excalibur style with the main difference being the Type 3 coming with the screw reel seat.

Written by Team IFL Jay Kim

“Light, powerful & aesthetically pleasing”


The IFL Excalibur ISO fishing rod exemplifies the pinnacle of carbon technology in rod building. Through extensive field-testing, high tech carbon wrapping and research, the Excalibur is a rod of the highest quality for professional ISO anglers. Equipped with the latest parts from Japanese rod building accessory giant Fuji, the Excalibur features the prestigious Fuji Titanium IM guides that are tangle free and a Fuji Titanium reel seat to match. Experience how ISO fishing should be with the premium IFL Excalibur range.


Extensive field-testing was conducted to create an ISO rod to suit the fishing environment in Australia by the team at Isofishinglifestyle. The prototype was tested over several months to identify and correct flaws. Multiple changes were made before it was finalised to ensure sensitivity, balance and power. The Excalibur range was designed specifically for Australian waters but is suitable for use in international locations.


Fuji Titanium IM Guides

- Titanium frame Fuji guides with SIC inserts for lightness and durability. The IM series guides also provide a tangle free feature due to the shape of the guide.

HD Screw type ISO reel seat

- A new HD Screw reel seat will be used in the making for the new Type III

WRB – Water resistant binds

- Water resistant binds to prevent lines sticking to the rod when fishing.

Battle grip

- A rubber battle grip to assist in maneuvering larger fish whilst also preventing slipping when fighting fish.

Guide lines

- Assists in lining up guides straight when extending the ISO rod.

*please note that the photos depicted the lighter spec rods. The design will follow the identical design except for the reel seat area that will be built with a screw type reel seat.

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